A web mapping service and a crypto wallet A web mapping service and a crypto wallet A web mapping service and a crypto wallet A web mapping service and a crypto wallet A web mapping service and a crypto wallet
A web mapping service and a crypto wallet A web mapping service and a crypto wallet A web mapping service and a crypto wallet A web mapping service and a crypto wallet A web mapping service and a crypto wallet


MAPS.ME is fast and detailed offline maps available worldwide.

The goal

We took on the MAPS.ME project when it was already at its finishing stages. Our job was to revive the app, maintain its development, and introduce a brand new feature: a crypto wallet, for users to pay with a cryptocurrency online.

Project implementation

Before actually starting the work, a pre-project problem analysis was conducted, as well as a codebase audit and design review.


Design. We have completely redesigned the app, and still continue to work on enhancing the user experience every day. 

Codebase. The codebase needed to be reorganized. When we first began working on the app, there was no Android version available, so we had to rewrite it. Now, since some of the modules have gone out of date, we are moving the iOS version to a new stack, and this is an entirely seamless process that does not cause any issues for the end user.

Team. We have formed a pretty big team to solve all of the tasks at hand. Currently, 80 people are involved in the MAPS.ME project: analytics, designers, developers, and managers.

Travel and explore with MAPS.ME

Offline maps without the internet: MAPS.ME is an indispensable travel assistant that can build routes, show you interesting locations nearby and provide reliable navigation even when you have no service.

Download a map of a country or a specific region to learn everything about the area. Save money in countries with expensive internet connection and find your way around unfamiliar places with no internet access.

Offline navigation for different transport types

The app will suggest different routes depending on whether the user is walking, riding a bike, or driving. And residents of big cities can build routes based on local subway lines and nearest stations. You can order a taxi directly within the app as well.

User bookmark system

Travelers can add interesting locations with brief descriptions on the map and create collections of them, and other users can rate the places they have been to and write reviews.

Easy navigation

Detailed tourist routes, hiking trails, and little-known locations that cannot be found on other maps.

If you prefer to find your own path, you do not have to turn on the navigator. The app always displays your location on the map, and it moves along with you. This can help you get around the area without getting distracted by navigator’s prompts.

The wallet

Fast, secure and decentralized transfers all over the world.

No more commission fees to foreign banks or payment systems. All of your savings can be safely stored in a crypto wallet. And it takes just a couple of minutes to create an account for free.

Useful travel services in Product Hub

  • Car rentals;
  • A VPN subscription;
  • Medical insurance;
  • An electronic SIM card;
  • Free access to an English learning app.

Hotel bookings

Find your perfect stay on the map and make a reservation directly from the app.

Our travel community

Rate locations and write reviews. Invite your friends to join the app and see what they are up to or share your real-time location if needed.

Activity tracking

The MAPS.ME app will keep a history of your activity — running, hiking or cycling.

Traffic events

Users can submit information on traffic events — accidents, speed cameras, or road maintenance — to be put on the map. This way, other drivers will be aware of the current situation in advance, and would be able to slow down or choose an alternative route if there is a traffic jam ahead, for example. 

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay navigation modes

It would be more convenient for a driver to use their car multimedia system for navigation rather than a smartphone. That is why we adapted the interface for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Map styles

The user can customize the map and set up a display mode that is most convenient to them. Users are able to:

  1. Add or remove any of the layers — isolines, 3D buildings, or subway.
  2. Choose between light, dark or default themes.
  3. Select their favorite color scheme and map style from more than 10 options.

Exclusive features of MAPS.ME Pro

A paid subscription gives users the access to additional functionality. For example, there is no limit to the number of maps and bookmarks collections our subscribers can download, and there are also additional map styles that become available.

A full redesign

We have completely redesigned the application and significantly improved the user experience.


MAU of 8 million users

A 4.7-star rating on the App store

MAPS.ME used to have 11,800 paid subscribers, but this subscriber base was bringing in very little income and constantly shrinking. The MAPS.ME Pro subscription payment system was launched on May 1, 2023 and brought us about 26,500 new subscribers by December 2023. This means that the subscriber base has more than doubled - and that is just for the iOS version. The MAPS.ME app is a popular and rapidly developing service that is loved by its users.